Allotment Disaster

I called in at the allotment on my way to work this afternoon only to find that most of my plants looked either dead or very sorry for themselves.  From the state of the leaves I believe that there may have been a bit of frost recently that I didn’t notice in my back garden.   The result is that all the tops of the potatoe plants are withered, the beans (runner and dwarf french) and squashes have either died completely or look half dead and I wil lbe surprised if they pick up.  The only things to survive were the onions, garlic, shallots, carrots, parsnips and beetroot.  Fortunatly the raspberries don’t appear to have suffered either.

I also had a good look at the asparagus bed and found that six plants have survived my lack of care last year and although i can’t harvest anything this yar ( it is only the first real year of growth) if I look after them well this year I may get an harvest next year.  I also plan to fill in the gaps where the plants died so that eventually I have a full bed and can feed the whole family asparagus.

things in the back garden are doing much better with baby apples and blueberries in the fruit bed and the squashes, tomatoes and other things that are in pots looking very healthy.  I am however, a bit reluctant to plant anything else out in tha allotment at the moment incase the frost makes another appearance and wipes out more plants.

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