As spring is really taking hold I have started the task of taking on the weeds at the allotment and after several mornings digging I feel that I have made a good start. Currently I have planted some broad beans, onions, shallots, garlic, raspberries and some potatoes (mayan gold & arran pilot). I my potting shed I have planted some dwarf french beans, butternut squash, celebration winter squash and some ridge cucumbers. Last year when I planted my squash plants they were all eaten overnight by slugs, so this year I plan to launch an all out war on the slug population on my allotment (and also in the back garden). Several years ago I used some ‘Nemaslug‘ in the back garden and found that the slug population was reduced to virtually nothing so this year I will be getting a large pack and seeing if it can have the same result on the allotment.

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