Allotment Plans

At last our thoughts have turned to the allotment.  Due to a distinct lack of effort in the allotment department over the last year the main things that are thriving there are weeds and grass.
So this year we plan to grow new potatoes, main crop potatoes (Carla), parsnips, carrots, beetroot, butternut squash, another random squash, courgette (and let a few grow larger into marrows), broad beans, runner beans, rhubarb, onions, garlic, cauliflowers, cabbages, broccoli, spinach, leeks, salad leaves, tomatoes and chillies. The new venture for this year is raspberries. I have on order 3 varieties (3 canes of each) which apparently will give us fruit for the whole season.

LED Bike Light

Having found myself to be quite jelous of my friend who has just bought himself a Lupine Betty and a couple of my other mates who have got lights from the very slick U.S.E. Exposure range I deceided that I wanted a nice bright light but was not willing to pay the £300-£600 of a Betty or Exposure light.The obvious answer was to make one from scratch as the Exposure Race Maxx costs £230 and has two Seoul Semiconductor P4 LEDs which on their own cost approximatle £6 each.

After much surfing I found two designs. One a very nice solution involves modifying a maglite and another by making lights out of copper pipe end caps. I choose to make a copy of one of these


First Harvest

Saturday saw the first harvest form the allotment this year .. some new potatoes (rocket), broad beans (Bunyards Exhibition, and an onion (sutton)…. all very nice.

We also went strawberry picking, sorted out the front garden and made jam!