As spring is really taking hold I have started the task of taking on the weeds at the allotment and after several mornings digging I feel that I have made a good start. Currently I have planted some broad beans, onions, shallots, garlic, raspberries and some potatoes (mayan gold & arran pilot). I my potting shed I have planted some dwarf french beans, butternut squash, celebration winter squash and some ridge cucumbers. Last year when I planted my squash plants they were all eaten overnight by slugs, so this year I plan to launch an all out war on the slug population on my allotment (and also in the back garden). Several years ago I used some ‘Nemaslug‘ in the back garden and found that the slug population was reduced to virtually nothing so this year I will be getting a large pack and seeing if it can have the same result on the allotment.

General Rambling

‘On Call’ at work can generally mean one of to things firstly it can be a lot of work for not enough pay or secondly it can be a lot of getting paid a bit for sitting around, drinking coffee and surfing the internet. Fortunately today falls into the latter category.

My time has been spent researching a new, bigger, brighter and altogether better bike light that will be similar to bolting the sun onto the front of my bike. I plan to take 6 ssc p4 LEDs and drive them with a maxflex (from The first challenge will be to find a suitable method of mounting and heatsinking the LEDs. Once the new bar light is made and mounted I will be looking at a way of putting my 2 ssc p4 LED light onto my helmet.

As spring is approaching and I have started to get the allotment in order I am now considering my position regarding a greenhouse. Currently I have got a lean-to greenhouse at the end of the garden. As this is made of standard glass it has to be removed before this coming summer as it will cause a massive hazard to my daughter, who by that time will be walking. So I plan to replace it with a greenhouse glazed with polycarbonate so that when she runs into it there is no risk of it shattering and cutting her. I would like to try to provide some heating for the greenhouse so have been looking into the idea of creating a heatsink to store some of the daytime heat to be released over night, which might hopefully extend the growing season a little bit. I have erected a stake in the garden that represents the corner of a 6’x4′ greenhouse and I think that I will be able to justify that space.

To start my chillies off this year I am considering sprouting the seeds inside or in a heated propagator and then growing them on in the shed until the conditions in the garden (or new greenhouse) are suitable. To grow the plants in the shed I will have to construct an artificially light grow box, probably with some strip lights out of a fish tank and possibly a heat mat to provide some warmth.

Baby led weaning is the current topic of conversation in our house as we start to introduce Amber to real food. As can be seen it is a rather messy experience. 11026