Notes on a Tuesday

Having worked last night and slept most of the night, Hannah gave me the morning off and I went into town and unsuccessfully looked for a mothering sunday present and also new shoes.  Then I went for a hair cut which included hot towels and a flaming cotton bud to burn the hair off my ear lobes!
\nBeing shrove Tuesday I drank 4 double espressos in an attempt to fill up on caffeine before giving it up for lent. Am currently sitting propping the bar up in The United Brethren waiting for a folk session to start. Apparently the beginners session starts at 8 in the back room so may be that is where I will go next time when I actually bring my box.  Am enjoying eves dropping.


2011 Chiles


For the first time I have managed to get my chile seeds planted in January.  I have planted some super Chile, Joe\’s long cayenne and Dorset naga in a small heated seed tray.  In the past I have germinated the seeds in airing cupboard but in our new house we have got a combination boiler and therefore no hot water tank or airing cupboard.